My name is Dani Sittloh, Founder of Evolution Health Partners, Inc.  Intuition is a facet of the soul; it is the light within your light.  Through Intuitive Soul Guidance, I help individuals heighten their awareness, live from a higher vibrational frequency and establish an intuitive, self compassionate connection required for a healthy, balanced and grounded journey ahead.


Challenges and misalignments are inevitable throughout our human experience.  As spiritual beings, we are gifted the choice to explore through each door and decide what/how will serve our souls best.   I am passionate about the intelligent, mind-body-spirit connection and one's innate ability to heal and evolve both in life and in business.  I am grateful we have crossed paths and am thankful for your willingness to be open, to receive and to live an abundant life in your Light.  

Light Love + Gratitude,