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"I have been a student of Dani's since 2015.  Under her tutelage and mentoring, I have grown and shifted in ways that I didn’t know were accessible.  Dani continuously supplies me with tools, books, insights, nutritional support, etc. in service of my evolution as a Reiki practitioner, business leader, teacher, athlete and student.  Dani’s presence in my life has helped me to evolve not only as a spiritual being but to expand my company into two countries.  Dani’s dedicated presence has helped me to maintain my connection to source, truth and my center whether I’m moving through tragedy or victories.  Dani is an asset to both my public and personal selves and I am forever grateful to have her at my side.

Clare C., Founder of Yoga House International 

Owner at Haymarket Brewing 

Chicago Golden Glove Champion

Chicago, IL and Brigman, MI

"Working with Dani has allowed my body to heal, releasing emotions that have stored in my system for years.  I refer patients to Dani because of the supportive and positive experience I have had in her care."

Dr. Bridget M., Chiropractic Services

Chicago, IL

​"I met with Dani for my first appointment and it was wonderful. While thinking about how the session made me feel, I can only describe it as like getting a loving hug from your mother. While there was no hugging involved in the session, there was a nurturing energy that made me feel safe and well taken care of. "

Amanda B., Banking Center Manager

Chicago, IL

"I’d only experienced working with energy a couple times before having a session with Dani.  I’m incredibly comfortable with her as she has a nurturing way in both her intuitive coaching, training and yoga and meditation facilitation.  One session in particular was filled with so much joy and even laughter.   Dani is not only a gifted teacher but has deep insight of other people and their own self-awareness.  She saw potential in me to practice energy as part of my own healing and to use in conjunction with my yoga teaching to help others.  She invited me to attend her first Level 1 Comprehensive Training. It was a powerful experience that I am grateful for.  Since then I’ve used the tools to refocus the energy in my body and in my home.  My own practice has helped me see through the chaos that I was engulfed in and redirect my purpose and intention professionally.  I’m looking forward to Master Level with Dani very soon."

Alycia M., Founder of Salvia Wellness

Chicago, IL

"I've worked with Dani in many capacities and have to say that her joyful and caring spirit is contagious. She has enriched my life as a mentor, teacher, and Intuitive Coach. She has helped me to shift my energy and create space for healing and truth. To work with Dani as a coach is to gain a friend and invaluable resource on your path to wellness and Self discovery."                       

Stacey C., Founder/Owner Undercurrent Studio + Yoga Instructor

Chicago, IL

​"Dani is a warm, caring and conscientious Intuitive Coach who is a great resource, confidant, and yogi.  She has treated me for a year.  As a result of her treatments, she has helped me to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically from all the trauma and loss I’ve experienced in the last few years. You will love working with Dani!"

S., Food Specialist and Yogi

Chicago, IL

"Dani and Evolution Health Partners gave me the care I needed while I was undergoing chemotherapy and many other struggles.  Her healing touch felt comforting and helped soothe the symptoms such as head tension, body aches, and other chemo symptoms.  She helped me heal myself!"

Laura M., Yoga and Essential Oil Therapist

Chicago, IL

"After my level one training, I've been able to connect with my Self in a different way. It's beyond physical or emotional. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to listen to my body and listen to my intuition and to trust. For 21 days I went through an energetic cleanse that was fascinating and made me feel more balanced. I had daily support from my teacher, Dani, who didn't always give me the answers but taught me that I already had the answer or she would guide me to find it on my own."

Lindsey W., Yoga Therapist + Program Facilitator

Chicago, IL

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